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       Carpet Cleaning
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Our Process

Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Preservation

Hardwood floors can last for many generations when they are properly cleaned and preserved. Our unique system will deep clean hardwood floors removing soil and grit.  The preservation finish will maintain and protect the original finish and keep the floor beautiful and in great condition. 

Our high seed rotary brush machine lays down a specialty cleaner, agitates it and then removes it immediately with squeegees and a vacuum.  We then rinse and neutralize to remove any remaining residue.  The floor is now squeaky clean and ready for our specialty satin or gloss preservation finish which is applied with a microfiber or terry applicator.

Unlike sanding, with our system, there is no loss of surface wood, no dust, no mess, and no odor. It is non-toxic and dries to touch in about an hour.  You may walk on the floor in socks after an hour and resume regular foot traffic after 24 hours.  Furniture may be lifted and placed back on the floor after 24 hours and rugs may be put back down after 48 hours.

Carpet Cleaning

Our equipment is a top of the line truck mounted steam cleaner machine. 

The method we use for cleaning carpet is hot water extraction, most commonly referred to as steam cleaning. Steam cleaning removes the toughest, deep dirt and grime as it also sanitizes the carpet.  

First we treat any spots and stains that are visible.  Then our wonder working wands and rotators inject the cleaning solution deep within the fibers of the carpet, loosen and lift dirt and soil as a powerful suction extracts that loosened dirt, grime, allergens, cleaning solution, stain and spot treatments.  At the same time about 95% of the moisture is also removed from the carpet. There will be some drying time as the carpet will be moist when the cleaning is completed but there is no left over soapy residue and the carpet dries soft and feels good to the touch. This method of carpet cleaning is recommended by most carpet manufacturers.
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